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Stop Tracking Every Run!

🙊Stop Tracking All Your Runs🙊⁠


Oh my god... did she just... Not Track... My Run?!⁠


Who's palms just got a little sweaty?⁠

If you're like, "Mine."

Then we need to have a serious talk.


Team, every run you go on doesn't need to be tracked and honestly, it shouldn't be.⁠


Overly tracking your mileage, splits, elevation gain, cadence ALL THE THINGS can leave you stressing over things that matter less than you think.⁠


Some runs are going to be really hard mentally and physically. You may feel sluggish or heavy, and you'll push through barriers and still get a good workout in!

Some runs are going to be amazing! You're going to feel fast and light on your feet, and you'll finish with a sense of clean victory! Ahhh the best kind of run.


And you know what?

You don't need to record of every single workout to validate your hard work, commitment and progress.




Now, I don't want anyone to stop recording their workouts altogether. There can be great value in analyzing past workouts if you understand the data.

If you don't really understand the data then you don't really have a frame of reference; now do you?

So getting worked up about how much faster and better you felt last week is a waste of your precious energy! Don't let that shit get you down Team!

If you can look at your log and say, "I got in 80% of my workouts this week," with confidence, then you're doing the right things. The gains will come.

Some of the best runs happen when your tracking app isn't even on. Next time you're looking at your data and starting to feel upset in any way about your performance then it's time for a run without data.

Set a timer and just run. Walk if you need to and just let yourself enjoy the run for what it is.

A celebration of your health and ability to move!


Don't let your day to day data get in the way of the small wins all around you.

Have you been more consistent over the last 6 months than ever? Win.

Did you have a great week of nutrition habits? Win.

Were you able to listen to your body and slow down when you needed to? WIN!!!

Team, you're doing great things. Stick with it and trust the process.


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