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What is the delta performance Program?

The Delta Performance Program is a three phase runner performance training method. The monthly program focuses on building the skills necessary to move efficiently, run properly and build runner strength. By incorporating strength, stability and running form drills, the Delta Performance Program will minimize injury, while training you to become a stronger, faster runner.

Whether you're running your first 5k or 10th marathon Delta Performance Program will get you there!

Sign up for delta performance today!

Delta Performance Program

  • DELTA Gold

    Every month
    Run Like An Athlete
    • Workouts to complete everyday of the week
    • Progress tracking through the Delta Performance App
    • Regular check ins with Coach Sonya
    • 24/7 access to Coach Sonya for questions
    • Periodic guided run classes via Zoom
    • Periodic foam rolling classes via Zoom
  • DELTA Elite

    Every month
    Run Like An Athlete
    • Personalized Running Program Built Just For You!
    • Specific strength training for YOUR needs
    • Specific running workouts for YOUR time goals
    • Two 1-1 meetings with Coach each month
    • Access to the Delta Performance Tracking App
    • Ability to have personal program updated as needed
    • Recommended for athletes who want extra attention & coaching

These plans automatically renew monthly.

Why Athlete's chose Delta Performance

Delta Performance Athlete Erin

Delta Performance Athlete Aerin

Delta Performance Athlete Emily


I joined as a beginner looking for a ton of direction and assistance… all of the workouts can be easily catered to my needs or to a runner who is more advanced than myself. I love that there are running workouts as well as strength workouts included in the programming, otherwise I would be second-guessing my training. Sonya is also easily accessible if I ever had questions or concerns… Delta Performance helped me to complete my first half-marathon and become a more confident runner! - Jamie L.


Some of the Team Delta Athletes ran the 2023 Austin Half Marathon. We even had some out of state teammates come into Austin for the big day.


I joined because, for years, I had pain while running. Sonya makes it a priority to meet with her athletes if they’re experiencing pain or planning for a race. Before this program, I viewed running and weight lifting as separate and it seemed like doing one would take away from the other. However, Sonya helped me to see how weight lifting supports running. Now, two years after joining Delta, I am running pain-free, I enjoy weight lifting, and I have hit some of my best times! -Lauren M.


Coming out of COVID, training with Sonya and Delta Performance has gotten me excited about running again! Delta Performance has provided great structure and complementary strength training to allow me to re-focus on, and hit, new running goals. The weekly running and strength workouts keep me challenged, allow me to see progress, and have made me a stronger, more confident runner! -Rob

So wait... How does Delta Performance work?

Delta Performance is a virtual program through my intuitive app. You'll receive running and strength workouts that you can follow throughout the week. I also periodically lead LIVE foam rolling, yoga and running workouts over Zoom. You'll also have 24/7 access to me through the app so that we can make sure that you're seeing the results you want.

Yoga at Home

Monthly Program

With this all in one program, you get recovery work, quality training and coaching.


This is not a set it and forget it program. I will be with you every step of the way!

Form Correction

Programed strength workouts to help improve form and comfort while running.


You need various weights and a mini band. Gym access is not necessary, but can be used!

A Look At
Team Delta

When you join Delta Performance you are joining a TEAM! Get a closer look into the Delta Athletes group, what athletes are saying about the workouts and how they're reaching their personal goals!

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