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What is the delta performance Program?

The Delta Performance Program is a three phase runner performance training method. The monthly program focuses on building the skills necessary to move efficiently, run properly and build strength. By incorporating strength, stability and running form drills, the Delta Performance Program will minimize injury, while training you to become a stronger, faster runner and ultimately a better athlete.

Whether you're training for your first 5k, your 10th marathon or the Rec League Championships the Delta Performance Program will make you a better athlete!

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Delta Performance Program

  • DELTA Gold

    Every month
    Run Like An Athlete
    • 16 self guided workouts a month
    • 2 LIVE strength sessions a week
    • 2 LIVE running sessions a week
    • Exclusive access to the Delta Athletes Facebook group
    • Progress tracking through our Delta Performance App
    • Regular monthly check ins with Coach and the Team
  • DELTA Elite

    Every month
    Run Like An Athlete
    • Personalized Running Program Built Just For You!
    • Specific strength training for YOUR needs
    • Specific running workouts for YOUR time goals
    • Two 1-1 meetings with Coach each month
    • Access to ALL LIVE classes
    • Access to Delta Athletes Facebook group
    • Access to the Delta Performance Tracking App
    • Ability to have personal program updated as needed
    • Recommended for athletes who want extra attention & coaching
    • **Includes a Running Form Analysis when starting**

These plans automatically renew monthly.

So wait... How does Delta Performance work?

Delta Performance is a virtual program. You get workouts to do on your own and workouts to do over Zoom LIVE! You're included in the Delta Athletes group, were I share recovery tips, interact with the team and so much more! Plus, we have a yoga instructor who hosts LIVE yoga classes specifically for runners. With Delta Performance you get everything to need to see the results you've always wanted!

Yoga at Home

Monthly Program

With this all in one program, you get recovery work, quality training and coaching.

Guided Run

The team has a weekly guided run via Zoom! I will be in your ear every step of the way LIVE!

Form Correction

Get instant feedback on your form during the weekly LIVE practice sessions!


You need various weights and a mini band. Gym access is not necessary, but can be used!

Why Athlete's chose Delta Performance

Delta Performance Athlete Erin

Delta Performance Athlete Aerin

Delta Performance Athlete Emily

Delta phases


Phase 1 is all about creating a solid foundation for your training. 1 week is spent on the building blocks needed to have stability in your running and movement.

Absolute Speed + Strength

In Phase 2,  we'll be spending 2 weeks developing our absolute strength and speed for all running distances and movement ability.

Reactive Power

Through reaction and power drills, Phase 3 spends a week building the strength needed to be a powerful and enduring athlete.

Delta Athlete Hit Her Goal!
Delta Athlete Hit Her Goal!

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The Drills Are Starting To Click!
The Drills Are Starting To Click!

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Question For Coach!
Question For Coach!

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Delta Athlete Hit Her Goal!
Delta Athlete Hit Her Goal!

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A Look At
Team Delta

When you join Delta Performance you are joining a TEAM! Get a closer look into the Delta Athletes group, what athletes are saying about the workouts and how they're reaching their personal goals!