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All of the On Running Shoes I've ever Owned

I have owned loads of On shoes over the past 2 years as an ambassador and I honestly don't know if I will ever buy a different brand for any of my sneaker needs again. I know what you're thinking, "duh you're an ambassador you get them for free."

You're not wrong! I get a lot of shoes for free, but I also purchase a lot of their shoes because I'm simply obsessed! They're proving to be insanely durable, stylish with super cool designs/colors, and all, but two pairs, that I've owned are just the right amount of cushion and stability.

My first pair of On shoes were actually white hiking boots that I bought back in the fall of 2019. I needed a pair of white hiking boots because for my bachelorette party my girls and I went on a camping trip in Big Bend. As the bride to be, I obviously needed to be in all white head to toe the entire time. I scoured the internet and only found two pairs of white hiking boots. The On boots and a pair of Hoka's. I picked the On boots solely because they were cuter than the Hoka's. As a running coach I will be the first one to tell you, never do this. Don't buy athletic shoes just because they're cute. But if I was going to spend that much money on a pair of hiking boots that I didn't really need, then by god, they were going to be the cutest ones I could find. Sorry not sorry Hoka.

South Rim Trail, Big Bend National Park

When they came in the mail I was convinced that On had sent me the wrong pair of shoes because when I picked the box up off my porch it was so light I thought, "There is no way my boots are in this box." Those boots launched my obsession with On shoes and are the reason I eventually went on to apply for their ambassadorship.

I really love On shoes for running, hiking, training clients, and leading classes, taking walks, and traveling. I thought I would list all of the pairs I've ever owned with a brief description of what I do and/or don't like about each pair. For reference I wear a size 7.5 running/hiking shoe and the lovely employees at the Fleet Feet in Downtown Austin have told me that, according to my 3D foot scan, I have very neutral feet. I don't over pronate. I have a normal height in my arch and my feet are not considered wide, which was news to me!

Click on the drop down to get a review of all the shoes I've personally worn and tried out.

Cloud X Shift: cross trainers

Cloudstratus: distance running

Cloudswift: mid-distance running

Cloudflash: sprinting

Cloudrock: hiking boots

Cloudventure: trail running

Cloudultra: trail running

Cloudnova: everyday/travel

Cloudvista: trail hybrid

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