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The 2023 Austin Half Pt. 2

It's kind of funny how the universe guides you in certain ways. Two weeks before the Austin Marathon the universe was doing just that.

I have this lovely friend Leah. She is a breath of fresh air on a warm spring day, which I desperately needed during the ice storm that broke all the trees in Austin. My husband and I found ourselves without power for several days and on day three of sitting in my house without heat, and nothing to do, I was freezing. It was a nasty day out. Windy, drizzling, and 38°, but I called Leah up and asked if she'd go on a run with me to get some heat flowing through our bodies. We were hardly a mile in and the run was working. My body was finally starting to defrost. Plus, it was nice to catch up with my friend. On our run around the Mueller neighborhood hike and bike trail, as my body slowly warmed up, I was challenging her to run the Austin Half just for fun.