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A Run-cation in Big Bend National Park

Updated: May 21

A four part series on my recent trail running trip to Big Bend National Park.


Y'all I absolutely love trail running. In fact, trail running is what got me into distance running in the first place. Trail running is so freeing and exhilarating and in recent year's I've been traveling to national/state parks solely to trail run. Hiking is fun and I will always be down for a good hike, but it's been getting to the point where it's just not scratching the adventurous itch I have anymore. So last month my bestie and I decided it was time to get out to Big Bend for our first true run-cation.

We left at 5:30a on Friday April, 7th making our way out west through Fredericksburg. We stopping briefly in Junction to get a coffee (decaf for me) at a cute little coffee truck called