Run Like an athlete

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Run Coaching

Do you get pain during or after a run or sprint workout? Maybe you'd like to be a faster athlete? Let's get you running properly and ready for your next race!

Performance Training

Coach Sonya specializes in running and sprinting performance training. Training these skills are important for field sport athletes and track & field athletes alike. Train in person in Austin, Tx or virtually anywhere in the world!

Workout Programs

Strength training is so important for any athlete. You can't be at the top of your game with out it. Coach Sonya has many workout programs available from self guided to personal sessions. 

What it means to
Run like an athlete 

Running is a primal movement and it's at the core of so many sports! You can't have football, soccer, basketball, or any number of sports without having a good running base first. I believe that if you're a runner; you're an athlete.

Runners are the original athletes! Being an athlete is a mentality and lifestyle. To Run Like An Athlete is to have the hustle mentality to be dedicated to yourself even when the training gets hard.

- Coach Sonya



Your mindset is everything! The mindset of an athlete means you have a love for hard work, competition and crushing goals no matter what it takes!


Being an athlete isn't something that you turn on and off. It's a lifestyle that is driven by your personal goals.


Dedication is greater than motivation! You can fall in and out of motivation on a weekly basis. Dedication means you're making the hard decisions even when you don't want to. 


Running like an athlete is hard work, yet the end result is so rewarding! It's important to challenge your physical self and mental self. Nothing in life worth doing is easy.

what athletes have to say about training with coach sonya

Real testimonies from athletes who have done group training, personal training and at home programs!


Tim Myers

Sonya... has improved the form, speed and comfort of my running. Her experience, drills and attention to detail have turned my running from unfocused to efficient. Both my explosiveness and stamina have increased, and I keep returning to learn more and improve.


Amanda Graves

I had rudimentary knowledge of running and horrible shin splints... and now I run pain free! She corrected my form and has shown me how to prevent future shin splints. She provided the encouragement and knowledge I needed to keep going, improving my form and endurance. She's amazing!


Rene Castro

 I no longer have chronic knee pain when I run, something I thought I just had to get used to, and she even shaved 30 seconds off my mile time just by making my stride more efficient!


Kelsey Dalrymple

Having been a college athlete... I thought, "I know all there is to running." After [working with Sonya] I realized I was wasting energy... while running. [Sonya] will help you so much with your running technique and make you a better athlete. 

Let's get you running like an athlete!