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Newbie to 5k Pro

This 12 week 5k training program is perfect for the novice runner looking to conquer their first 5k. It includes 5 workouts a week, 3 running days and 2 cross training days, to give you everything you need!


Every aspect of this program was designed specifically to prepare your body for your first 5k. Running days are a slow build up to give you a solid running foundation. While strength days focus on combatting common running injuries, like shin splints, and help improve running form and technique.


Equipment is not required, however you can incorporate weights and bands if you'd like. All exercises have video explanations created by Coach Sonya and this program includes tips on how it can be used again and again!


This is a PDF file that can be accessed anywhere! Conquer your first 5k with So Fit Sonya's Newbie to 5k Pro 12 week program!

Newbie to 5k Pro

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